Our Affiliations

The Chipola Baptist Association: is a fellowship of cooperating churches who have joined together under the Lordship of Christ and the leadership of the Holy Spirit to participate in an autonomous partnership in order to:

  • Encourage one another through a network of fellowship and prayer
  • Enable one another to be on mission individually and together in our setting and beyond.
  • Equip one another to be more effective in evangelism and church growth.

The Chipola Family Ministries: This ministry includes providing food and clothing for families in need. This is done through donations and sales at the quarter store where clothing and retail items are sold at a very low cost. This money is then used to buy food for needy individuals and families.

The Florida Baptist Convention: The Vision of the Florida Baptist Convention is to be ‘Right Beside’ the local church and pastor. The focus will be to support, strengthen and encourage the local church through partnership for Kingdom ministry.

The Southern Baptist Convention:  The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is not a church. It is a set of ministries supported by a network of cooperating Baptist churches.These ministries include international and domestic missions, theological education, advocacy for religious liberty, literature production, insurance and retirement services for pastors and other church workers, and the infrastructure necessary to keep these cooperative efforts operational. Specifically, the Convention was created “to provide a general organization of Baptists in the United States and its territories for the promotion of Christian missions at home and abroad and any other objects such as Christian education, benevolent enterprises, and social services which it may deem proper and advisable for the futherance of the Kingdom of God”